Claiming Pokie Playing Extras land based casino or any venue

If you do decide to visit a land based casino or any venue at which you have access to lots of Pokie machines, then you will need to get used to the way those venues reward their players. For there are going to be lots of little extras you can make full use of at such venues and knowing what they are and how to claim them will give you plenty of value when you do decide to play Pokies in a land based venue as opposed to playing them online or on your mobile device!

Free Food and Drinks – Many land based venues are more than happy to feed and water you when you are playing their Pokie machines, and as such you should always checkout in advance if the venue you are playing at is going to give you free food and drink.

If so then one tip is to place your order whilst you are sat playing the Pokie machines, and it is also worthwhile tipping your waiter or server as they are much more likely to be attentive when you next want a drink or something to eat if you have given them a small tip the last time you placed such an order!

Comp Clubs – Some land based Pokie venues and casinos will have their own comp club, and you are often going to be given a comp cub card when you visit that venue for the first time. As a pokie player you should always remember to place your card into the pokie machine you are playing for by doing so you will be accumulating comp points for each real money wager you place on any pokie machine you choose to play.

Be aware though that the redemption rates for turning your accumulated comp points into little extras such as cash or even free hotel accommodation at the site you are playing at will vary and as such do some shopping around, for it there is another casino nearby you will often find they compete with each other to give their players the best deals.

Pokie Tournaments – Many land based pokie venues and casinos will dedicate a morning, afternoon or even an evening whereby you can take part in something known as a pokie tournament. This is basically a Pokie playing competition whereby you will often be given free access to the Pokie tournament and can win a large range of different cash prizes when taking part in them.

When you enter a land based pokie venue or casinos pokie tournament you will be given a set amount of credits on just one Pokie machine and you will have a certain amount of time to play off those credits, all winnings you make on that machine from those free of charge Pokie machine credits will be turned into a score and those players who get the highest score will then win one of the cash prizes on offer at that venue.



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