Craps is a popular casino game played with a pair of dice on a table specifically built for the game with rules on how to handle the dice, the bets and many more. Up to 20 players can be accommodated on the table and you are free to choose not to throw the dice. If you do not opt to throw the dice, there is still the opportunity of betting on a player who is throwing.Casino games are fun when you know how to play, the strategy of the game, and all the rules. Craps is a exciting game, that provides a thrilling experience for all players.

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Craps image How to Play Craps

1) Starting The Game

To start the game, the player who throws the dice is known as the shooter. The shooter can throw the dice on either the Don’t Pass line or the Pass line. Pass line bets are also known as Win or Right bets while the Don’t Pass line Bets are also known as Don’t Win or Wrong bets. The stickman stands at the center of the table and calls the game. S/he is responsible for retrieving and controlling the dice after each throw as well as inspecting the dice that fall off the table. The dice given to the shooter are normally five and you would have to select any two to play with.

The shooter rolls the dice in one hand and the dice thrown should hit the sides of the table. If the dice fall off the table, the stickman inspects the dice before placing them back into play. Each shooter has the right to throw the dice and this rotates in a clockwise manner giving each player on the table an opportunity to roll and throw the dice. The game consists of rounds at which every shooter has an opportunity to have their best shot. Even though you may choose not to throw the dice, you can still to carry on betting.

2) The Nature Of The Round

The game consists of two rounds – The Come Out and Point. In order for the round to commence, the shooter has to make one or more Come Out rolls. In the event that the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12 the round ends and all Pass line bets do not win.

On the other hand, a Come Out roll of 7 or 11, makes all players with Pass line bets to win. However, the shooter keeps rolling until an outcome number of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 occurs and is known as the point number.

Once the point number has appeared, the shooter places a button on the point number at which the second round commences. During the second round, if another point number is rolled, all Pass Line Bets win but if the shooter rolls a Seven(Seven Out)  all Pass line Bets do not win at which the round ends.

In order for you to quickly learn how to play craps is to understand the Pass Line bets and the Don’t Pass Line Bets. After mastering these two types of bets, you can progress to learn the advanced types of bets offered by the game.

Getting started with learning how to play craps starts with learning what a pass line bet is and how to make a smart one at the table. If the person rolling the dice rolls a seven or 11, you will win! If the player rolls a two, three, or 12 you lose. Any other number that has not yet been listed that the player rolls becomes what is called the pointing number. This first pass line bet is for even number bets.

The pointing number that was rolled must be duplicated again the next roll before a seven can be rolled. If this happens, you win the passing line bet. If a seven is rolled before the pointing number is duplicated, then you will lose the passing line bet. If there is a loss (where any other number is rolled other than the point or a seven is rolled first), then the dice is passed to the next player and the process is started again. There will be a place holder that is put on the pointing number on the table after the roll to notify the table of the pointing number.

Craps Tips And Strategies

When the pointing number is rolled, another bet can be made behind original pass line bet. The new bet is called the Odds Bet. Many times you will have the opportunity to double the passing line original bet for your odds bet, depending on the casino. The odds bet has different numbers where you win or lose when rolled on than the first pass line bet. The following rolls are paid out for the Odd Bets; Point 4 or 10 pays 2 to 1, Point five or nine pays three to two, and Point six or eight pays six to five. These two bets are the main factors that you need to concentrate on to play and be successful in the game of craps!

Craps Systems

Craps is a very interesting game of dice. The game has many systems that casino gamblers use to try and increase their odds of winning. Despite the fact that craps is a game of chance, using a system can significantly improve chances of winning, provided the system is reliable.

1) Martingale System

Of all the craps systems, Martingale is the most popular, easy and user-friendly craps system available. We can say Martingale is a negative progression system because when you lose, you put a bet twice the amount you previously wagered. This goes on until a win, in which case the bet goes back to the starting bet. For example if a players wagers $2 and loses, his next bet is $4. If he loses again his next bet is $8. If he wins this time, the bet goes back to $2. Eventually, he will recover his money on an even payout bet. Players using the Martingale system must have lots of money because sometimes lots of losses can be incurred before a win. It is worth learning the Martingale system because it can also be used for other casino games like Blackjack.

2) Dice Setting or Dice Control

The name of the system says it all: during a roll dice, the technique is controlled so as to land in the same way and similar values as desired by the thrower. The idea is not to allow the dice to land randomly. This is very difficult to achieve for two reasons:

  • Most casinos require that the dice must bounce-off the far end of the table wall. Obviously, after hitting the wall, the dice will land randomly.
  • One of the craps rules is that only one hand should be used to throw the dice. It will be very difficult to ‘program’ the dice under these circumstances.

3) Gambler’s Fallacy

The Gambler’s Fallacy in craps is when a bet is made based on the results of previous throws. For example if a point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10) was thrown in 3 successions, a bet is placed on the probability that the point will be thrown again on the fourth roll. A bet can also be placed on the probability that the point will not be rolled again after it has been rolled several times in the past. A Gambler’s Fallacy user therefore beliefs that odds either increase or decrease based on results of past throws or rolls. Relying on this system alone is a risky business and is the quickest way to lose money. The Gambler’s fallacy is not only unique to the game of craps.

4)Parity Hedge System

The Parity system was derived from the D-D or the Doey-Don’t system. The system is mathematically and statistically orientated and gives a player an edge over the house. It entails breaking down one bet into two separate bets so as to improve and increase chances of winning. The system is very exhausting given the fast-paced nature of craps. To this day, the developers of this system have remained unknown.

Winning At Craps

Winning at craps is easy and all kinds of people are doing it all the time. The betting options that are available help in making it possible to win. However, you can lose just as easily as you can win so it is important to identify trends and to follow the game strategy that seems to have a good chance of winning.

You must stick to your decisions because changing your mind too often will result in confusion. Your strategy must be strong and unwavering so as to make use of it with confidence. One of the things you need to do is to place your bets as well as setting your betting limits in advance and then stick to that.

1) The Advantage Of Judging People Well

You need to be a good judge of character and be able to read people. This will enable you to tell what kind of people you are playing with and which opponent could be friendly enough to share information with you. You can talk to the friendlier ones and see if they can tell you trends from the other shooters.

You must ensure that you at least breakeven before you can take any risks so that if you happen to lose you will be losing only what you have already won. This is why you must start by betting no more than the minimum. As you start winning you can add to the initial bet and see if you can win some more.

Your skill of observing people will also need to come into play when it comes to observing the shooter. See if they look confident or not because that will inform your decision on which bets to make. If they look confident you can bet the Pass Line but if they do not look confident you can make a Dont Pass bet.

Your skill of observing people will enable you to notice the person that shoots well. It would be best to place bets on the shooter who rolls well. There are more chances of winning if you go with players who can throw the dice well at which betting on their rolls will also boost their confidence.

2) Betting That Can Give You An Edge

Betting in a game of craps need not be confusing or tricky so long as you know which bets to go for. The Pass Line as well as the Dont Pass are probably the most common bets. With the Pass Line you win should a 7 or 11 be rolled out and you lose if a 2 or 3 or 12 is rolled out.

Any other number rolled is known as a Point number. You win if another point number is rolled before rolling a 7 and lose if it does not come up again (point number). A Pass Line bet will always be popular because of its low house edge of 1.41 percent. It is advisable to avoid bets such as Hardway and Proposition because they have poor odds.

Craps Rules

Having a proper Craps Rules is another name for knowing the rules of the game, and though they are separate from the rules that define how a game of Craps is played, they are the rules that define the manner in which a person plays a game of Crap. The manner in which a player conducts himself or herself at a Craps table goes a long way in determining their experience and outcome at the game.

Having a proper etiquette for playing a game of Craps is fundamental to improving a player’s skill at the game, and is important for both a novice Craps player and a player with relative experience. A person new to playing Craps in a casino ought to learn and understand these rules before playing a Craps game for the first time. A proper etiquette for playing a game of Craps is more than simply knowing and understanding the rules of the game and realizing how they affect the outcome of one’s game; and involves playing the game on a regular basis in order to refine one’s playing skills.

The various rules of etiquette in a Craps game also serve to ensure that the game runs smoothly, and adhering to them will prevent a player from being flagged as a cheat or security concern. This is especially common when a player moves the dice repeatedly between their hands when it is their turn to play, or when a player adjusts their playing chips when the dealer is not looking at the playing table.

There are a variety of rules of etiquette that are utilized in a game of Craps that a player ought to know. These rules range in simplicity from aspects such as knowing the individual roles of Craps officials such as Stick men and the dealer, to more complex rules such as knowing when to place a bet and knowing one’s options when it is one’s turn to roll the dice.

Simple rules of etiquette for a novice Craps player are often quite simple to learn. Practiced regularly, a craps player will learn to become a better player. Simple rules such as not interfering with the playing table or moving one’s chips while another player is rolling the dice or the dealer is making adjustments to the table are common in other casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack, and are familiar to anyone who has played in a casino before.

It is common for a person to learn the various rules of Craps etiquette before attempting to play a game of craps and wager a large sum of money. Online casinos offer free playing sessions in which a player can learn the rules of the game and are an ideal starting point to improve their Craps skills if they are already familiar with casino Craps. The various rules of etiquette that affect a Craps game can be learned through the many casino forums and tutorials that are found on the internet, but playing the game regularly is often the best way to become acquainted with a the rules of Craps etiquette.

Understanding the Craps Table and Dealers

The craps table is usually long and green in color and is covered with a material that is conducive to playing a game of this nature. This means that it is not harsh to the hands and this makes it easy for the players and the casino workers to work on it

The table is printed with a diagram that shows the sections for the types of bets that the players will be making throughout the game. The ends of the table have sections for bets such as the Field, Pass Line and Come. The sections that are found in the centre are for bets such as One Roll and Hardaway

The game of craps has rules that need to be followed to make sure that there is order and organization. Each worker has a role to play in maintaining this organization and ensuring that the game is played under conducive conditions. They also make sure that there is no cheating and unfair play by the players.

At the centre of the craps table is the Boxman who is responsible for overseeing everything. They typically have chips stacked in front of them. Their duty is to make sure that everything runs smoothly which includes watching the dealers to make sure that they are paying off as well as taking in the losses.

The Boxman is also responsible for maintaining order between the players by settling disputes and occasionally recounting the chips. The personality of the Boxman is very strong because they need to be assertive. They need to be able to stamp their authority.
Each table is allocated four dealers but one of them is always on break as all the dealers rotate throughout the proceedings. At the backside of the table two of the dealers stand there facing the players. They are referred to as on base dealers because they are the ones who keep track of the bets.

Their job is to pay if you win and to take your chips if you lose. They also place some of your bets such as Come and Dont Come bets. If the number of players is not that big only one base dealer attends the craps table. Under such circumstances, one of the dealers can also take up the role of the stickman.

The stick man is responsible for handling and monitoring the dice. They typically use a stick to handle the dice and are responsible for moving the dice to the player who is the shooter at that moment. They do not usually deal directly with the players unless when they give the dice to them.

The stickperson is also responsible for making the game more vibrant and dynamic by talking it up. They do this by encouraging the players to place higher bets. This makes them very influential and a good stickman will be able to use the momentum of a good roll to increase the profit that the casino makes.

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