eCOGRA – Approved Pokie Game Testing Company

There are only a handful of reputable online casino game testing companies, and one of them which is finding they are being listed as an approved online casino game testing company is ECOGRA who have been specializing in fully certifying a range of casino games available in the online gaming environment for many years now.

There are several different services that eCOGRA have on offer and as such today we shall take a look at what they offer and how it is you can be 100% sure and confident that any site that displays their approval logo can be trusted as a fair and honest casino site.

eCOGRA offer an approval service on which any online casino can apply to be vetted by them, and if they manage to tick all of the right boxes after being fully checked out then that casino site can be listed as an eCOGRA approved casino site.

All online casinos that are approved by eCOGRA must adhere to an ongoing code of conduct and one of the things that makes such a site appealing to players is that should a player have any kind of unresolved problem with an eCOGRA approved online casino site then they are able to contact eCOGRA directly and have their complaint investigated by their resolutions officer.

This resolution service is completely independent from the online casino and as such is a third party one, so any outcome of any complaint submitted will be fairly investigated, and should eCOGRA decide the player was right then the outcome of their complaint will go the players way and the casino will then be required to act on the findings of eCOGRA, which will probably entail that player being paid their winnings, should winnings have not been paid for whatever reason.

This complaints resolution service is available every day of the year and every single complaint will be fairly investigated and the outcome will be published once a decision has been made.

Another of the different futures of the eCOGRA service is that they independently test the random number generators of all online casinos that utilize their service, and the outcome of this testing is display on a random number generator test certificate, these tests of the random number generators are usually performed every year and are on an ongoing basis.

One final service that eCOGRA offer which a very large number of online casino sites have signed up to is their payout percentage verification service, this entails each and every month of the year eCOGRA going through the entire gaming logs of an online casino to determine the payout percentages that each casino game grouping and category have paid out over the last month.

Once this payout percentage audit has been performed then the result of the audit is then displayed on a payout percentage verification certificate that is issued by eCOGRA and is displayed on all casinos utilizing this service.

By taking a look at the certificates a player is able to instantly and clearly see just which category of casino games has paid out what during the previous month, and this allows players to be completely confident that they have been receiving a fair and honest set of games every month of the year when playing at any eCOGRA approved casino site.

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