FAQ on Online Pokies

FAQ on Online Pokies

In case you are having any queries related to online pokies then this is the right place for you to look into. Here we have included some of the most popular and yet unique FAQs related to online pokies. In most cases when going through the FAQs section it is certain that you might get to get familiar with the common myths associated with the game play. So the moment you go through this particular section it is certain that you get to understand the game play much better as compared to other players. You can also try and implement the below strategies in your next game play.

  • Where did the name Pokies originate from?

Till present time, there certainly are no written evidences of the origination of pokies. The term is very much similar to the slang used for fruit machines or slots. Most players like to say that they enjoy playing online pokies at a well reputable Australian slots sites.

  • What is the most common payout when playing online pokies?

This is one factor that might vary depending on the online casino. The moment you play the game in Australia it is certain that you get to claim for 87% payout but the fact is that the game play offers players with as high as 90% payout options. If you are playing the game for smaller time then it does not make much difference.

  • Is the payout percentage fixed or changes on daily basis for most online casinos?

The fact is that most online casinos certainly offer players with fixed payout percentages that do not alter. The operators need to follow the fixed regulated payout percentage. The only way to change the payout percentage is to try and purchase a new chip for their machine.

  • Do players have better odds of claiming their wins in case they select to play a machine that has not made payout for longer time?

You need to keep in mind that this is only a game of chance and luck. So even if the machine has been ideal for a longer hour still it does not mean that it might make the payout in next few rounds. Each round certainly offers players with a similar chance to win or loose. This is a game that is played on machine that does not count the rounds it plays without making the payout.

  • Do the odds in the game play depend on the amount of bet a player places?

This again is a very common myth that most new players follow. When playing pokies it is certain that you have similar odds of winning or loosing. These factors do not alter with your betting option. So there are chances that if you are lucky then you win million dollars just by betting a single cent or even loose big amount of money by placing $5 bets.

  • Can you follow any fixed strategy to win?

This game of chances offers with no strategy that can be used by the player to win big money. There certainly are a few ways that you can try and implement to improve your game play. Apart from this you need to keep in mind that pokies also offer with systems that claim to offer with best wins every time they are used, but these are only fake systems.

  • Which is the best place to play pokies?

Here at www.online-pokies.net.au we have list of over 250+ Pokies games that you can play for free. Have a look at free online pokies and free online pokies Australian

For most players who like to follow strict budget, online casinos offers with bets game play that is safe. Here you have chance that you might loose small amount of money or win a few rounds.

Apart from this there certainly are a number of other FAQs that you need to look around for when playing online pokies.


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