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Video Poker

How to play Video Poker

video poker online
Video poker is a popular casino game played online or offline and based on five card draw poker. It is played through slot machine, often called as Pokies by Australians. You can also play video poker on your pc or laptop through online casinos. Video poker started to appear in the mid-1970s when personal computers became popular. After you put money into the machine, the game starts when you press the deal button. The player is then given virtual playing cards. Once you receive your cards, a few options appear on the screen. One of these options is to discard cards. You have the option to discard one or more for exchange for new cards.

Once new cards are received the machine calculates if you have a winning hand based on the pay tables. Pay tables allocate the pay-out for hands and are based on variations and decisions of the game operator. An example of a variation on a pay table would be a pair of jacks. All of the other hands are similar to regular table poker. Video poker machine in the U.S are licensed by state or Indian gaming agencies. To make sure the machines are being regulated properly, testing is done to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Video Poker tips and Strategies

There are some strategies to video poker:

  • Rules #1, know which machines to play.
  • Rule #2; know the proper playing strategies for those machines.

Strategies for video poker can be broken down into three categories; perfect strategies, generic strategies and optimum strategies. A perfect strategy describes the method of making your decisions based on the best available information and probability or success rate. You will have an exact move for every possible hand you receive. This is one of the hardest ways of playing because you have to memorize all of the hands and understand probability in poker. But knowing this strategy will help you squeeze the last ounce of return from a given machine. Optimum strategies are less cumbersome because these strategies lump together certain hands in interest of easy memorization.

Generic strategies work on a variety of machines and are simple to understand. Understanding these basic concepts will give you an opportunity to win at video poker.

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