Gladiator Slot Finally Drops its Jackpot!

Gladiator Slot Finally Drops its Jackpot!

One progressive slot game that has been steadily growing its jackpot over a considerable amount of time now and one that many players have been playing religiously in the hope that they would win its truly magnificent and life changing jackpot is Playtech’s progressive Gladiator slot.

This progressive slot is one of Playtech’s network wide progressive games and as such no matter at which Playtech software powered online casino site you are a member or player of you may have seen it on offer.

Gladiator Slot

Being one of Playtech’s progressive slots then as you would expect the jackpot would grow quite rapidly as this is a very popular gaming software platform and one lucky player has finally won its huge jackpot.

So far we have discovered that it was at the Winner Casino site that this lucky played bagged the jackpot which was finally won when it reached a grand total of just a tad over 2.3 million Euros, and the player who won this jackpot was playing from the UK!

The way in which this quite unusual slot game awards its progressive jackpot is via a bonus picking type of round where a player has to select various locations of the bonus game screen and hope that as they are picking off each location a Golden Helmet symbols is revealed, should a player manage to reveal a total of nine Golden Helmets during this bonus round, which to be perfectly honest is no easy fete then the player wins the progressive jackpot.

This is exactly what this UK based slot player managed to do and that jackpot was then instantly credited to the players account, imagine a casino account balance that high! Fortunately Winner Casino is one of the better run and operated Playtech software powered site so in regards to getting their payment the player should not have to wait too long until the win has been paid out to them.

It is not the first time a slot player has on big whilst playing at the Winner Casino site for as they have the entire suite of Playtech games including the Marvel Comic Book themed slots all of which offer instantly and randomly awarded progressive jackpots this lucky UK slot player will be adding their name to an already long list of previous progressive jackpot winners who have stuck gold at the Winner Casino site.

The Gladiator slot has now been reset to its seed jackpot amount and once again its jackpot meter is steadily growing in value, however you will probably not be in a rush to play it for it is highly unlikely to award another progressive jackpot for quite a while, however if you think that lightening can strike twice in quick succession then why not get over to the Winner Casino site and give this slot game a try.

If you fancy playing any of their other non progressive slot games then it may be worth your while taking a look at their new player sign up bonus which will give you an enhanced starting balance when you are ready and make your very first deposit into their casino site, the full details of this sign up welcome bonus offer is found on their promotions page of their website so do check it out!

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