How to Play Pokies on an Android Device

How to Play Pokies on an Android Device

When it comes to Android devices, it is safe to say you have far more flexibility in how you use the phone compared to their closed source counterparts (iPhone/iPad, Blackberry and Windows). This is due to Android being Linux, and ultimately open source. Obviously, Linux do place certain restrictions on your device to prevent you damaging your phone through over clocking or inadvertently damaging the core files on the phone. However, if you know Android and Linux, they do kind of encourage you to ‘root’ the device and play. The beauty of rooting your phone is unlocking the phones full capabilities, and as such, when playing pokies on your phone, you can actually wind up making your device a mean, lean gaming machine.

The biggest issue when on a smaller device and playing pokies, especially the slots with 5 reels, 20+ paylines, loads of animation and interactive features, is the fact the screen can become unclear or uncomfortable to see after a period of time. You can however (on your rooted device) download a few apps that will allow you to change the screen resolution. If you’re not a techy, or you really aren’t sure, I do not under any circumstances recommend you start rooting your phone and playing about with its internal settings unless you are willing to deal with any untoward situations.

If you are rooted and have the app (I’m not going to name any, but there are a lot out there compatible with your device), you’ll find you can change the resolution to best suit your game, whether you’re playing an actual game, such as a certain game on Facebook that incessantly sends out requests and takes place somewhere once owned by McDonald, or a casino suite of games.

Upon changing the resolution, you will notice that the phones display is completely different and is bigger or smaller depending on the settings you choose. This will make playing your pokies much easier on the eye, especially something like Microgaming’s Immortal Romance, which is so detailed and in depth, we actually reckon that the designers were chained to their drawing boards day and night.

Anyway, getting to the actual point of this article, playing the pokies on your device, that’s why you’re here listening to me waffle on anyway! If you aren’t already a member of an online casino, I recommend you get on to Google, look for the reputable casinos and when you’ve found the one you’re comfortable with, download the app to your phone, install and launch. You’ll be presented with the login page, and somewhere on there, you’ll see the Register or Join button. Tap it, fill out the forms (normally there are no more than 3), deposit your first cash amount into your casino bank and accept or decline their bonus offer for joining.

As this is the first time of you playing a game, it may require additional downloads which can take a few minutes. After the app has downloaded your new game you will be presented with essentially a scaled down replica of the screen you’d see on your computer, complete with stakes, wagers, lines, start etc. If it is too small or looks a little fiddly, enter the game in free play mode and get used to the layout, how your phone reacts to your touch and basically become acquainted, after all, you don’t want to make any mistakes with real chips, do you? When you are comfortable, hit the play for real button and enjoy a completely mobile gaming session, no matter where you are.

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