online kenoHow to Play Keno:

If you have never played Keno, you will find it similar to playing the lottery. You will be given a card that will allow you to pick the numbers that you think will be winning numbers. The cards have numbers 1 through 80 listed on them and you can choose up to 20 numbers. After you have picked and marked your numbers you turn your card in to the casino clerk. After the 20 numbers have been selected at random winners are paid accordingly. Winnings vary from casino to casino. When the numbers that are dealt match your numbers, that is how you win. The more numbers that match the more you stand to win. For example if you match 3 numbers you might win five dollars and 4 numbers might pay you one hundred and twenty five dollars and 5 numbers may pay you five hundred dollars and so on and so forth.

Usually, you can play for about a dollar a card. As this is one of the slower moving games at a casino you will find that you money may last you a lot longer than if you choose to play other casino games. If you are an avid casino jumper, you may choose to play at the casino that offers the most cash back per winning.

Of course the odds are steep on Keno; it has the lowest percentage rate for winning. However, by playing just one dollar you could be the winner of a quarter of a million dollars. Now that’s a great return on your dollar.

Keno tips and Strategies

There are no strategies to choosing numbers, it’s all at random. Whatever number pops out of the machine is the number that counts, the same as the lottery. Everyone has their own numbers that they will choose to play. It may be their dates of birth or the dates of birth for their children. It may be the numbers in their address or in the social security number. There are no tips to choosing the correct numbers, that’s why they call it gambling.

You can also choose to play casino on video machines. It works the same way. You can play for as little as one cent on up. The winnings are different than the winnings in live Keno, again it varies by casino. With the video Keno you will find that they offer different types of games. You may have something like a power ball which is the last number that is delivered. If you have the last number delivered mark and other numbers that match, at least 3 of your winnings can be multiplied.

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