Latest New Pokie Game News

Latest Pokie News

As each month passes by more and more online pokie machines become available, this is due to all of the machine pokie design companies releasing more and more of them into the online pokie game playing environment, and each of them boast new playing features which you may never have seen nor come across before.

To give you a better understanding of all these new playing features below you will find a guide to each one of them, which will hopefully ensure that when you sit down to play one of these new pokie machines you will know exactly what you can expect from it.

Wild symbols are one of the very latest reel symbols which are being given a complete makeover, once all these symbols would do is to stand in for other reel symbols and help complete winning combinations, occasionally some Wild symbols would also multiply the value of any winning combination they helped to complete.

Below is a guide to the new Wild symbols you will find in play on many new pokie machines along with a full explanation of what these symbols will do when they spin in.

Trailing Wilds – These symbols are found on pokie games such as the Santas Wild pokie, when these are in play the will leave a trail behind them as they slowly spin into position on the reels, and the trail will then turn other symbols Wild.

Sticky Wilds – When a Sticky Wild spins into position onto the screen they will lock into position and can remain in that position for several spins in a row, therefore hopefully helping you complete several winning combinations. One new pokie machine which has this feature is the Dead or Alive pokie game.

Expanding Wilds – An Expanding Wild symbols looks like any standard Wild symbol, that is until is drops into position on the reels, and when it does it will expand upwards and downwards and as such it will cover the entire reel on which is appeared resulting in it being completely wild. The Grand Journey is a new pokie machine featuring Expanding Wild symbols.

Stacked Wilds – When you are playing a pokie which has Stacked Wilds such as the Coyote Moon pokie, then this will mean that it is possible for you to spin in a reel containing nothing but Wild symbols. The reason for this is that the Wild symbols are all positioned one on top of the other in sets on the reel strips. Get a screen full of them and the biggest payout will be awarded!

Floating Wilds – One new pokie machine which boasts one of these Floating Wild symbols is the Jonny Specter pokie machine, how this symbol works is that a symbol will float around the screen as you are playing either the base game or any free spins bonus round, and when all of the reels spin and come to a stop then this symbol will attach itself to one position and that location will become a Wild symbol, irrespective of what the symbol is!

Collect a Wilds – Some of the brand new Untamed series of pokie machines have a brand new Collect a Wild symbol, this is a standard Wild symbol that when it drops in will stand in for other reel symbols, however when they do appear on the screen in normal play they will be collected up at the foot of each reel.

When you get a box full of them then that entire reel will become completely Wild for a certain number of consecutive spins, which can occasionally result in some very large winning payouts.

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