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The more pay lines that any pokie machine has on offer the more expensive those pokie games will be to play if you put into play all of their pay lines, however some of the best bonus games and bonus features can often be found attached to 40 pay line slots so do try and give some of those pokie games a try!

There are Pokie games which will let you play up to 40 pay lines per spin in land based casinos such as the Jupiters Hotel and Casino but what you may be blissfully unaware of is that many of those pokie machines are now also available to be played at various different online casinos sites too!

Space Wars
Boogie Monsters
Karate Pig pokies
Demolition Squad
Karate Pig

Microgaming does have a lot of different types of pokie machines available and when you play at a casinos site using their range of casino games and also their gaming platforms you are going to find quiet a number of fun and very exciting 40 pay line Pokie machines readily available some which have mega sized jackpots too!

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