Bankroll The total amount of money any gambler wants to make use of when setting his bets. This is a quantity that might in fact vary from one player to another in any game play. Most players are also requested to adjust this amount depending on the type of game play and the total money they are willing to spend in any game.

Bonus round or bonus features This is a bonus feature that is offered by various slot machines in online world. The round is triggered automatically the moment any of the player manages to hit the winning combination. This can be a combination of certain specific numbers or symbols that are displayed on the pay lines. The moment any player manages to hit this feature he is also awarded with a number of free rounds, money or give away. The moment you manage to hit this round then it is certain that you might win some additional benefit. Before you get started with any game play it is important that you need to read and get familiar with different bonus offers.

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