Pokies games by OpenBet

OpenBet has been a market leader in the betting and online gaming industry since 1996. OpenBet provides software and services to some of the most successful operators in the online gaming and retail betting industry.

OpenBet offers a wide variety of games and services to choose from, including: table games, scratch offs, keno, betting, and video poker, but one of their most popular items is their Pokies. The company offers several slot games to choose from. Some of the most in-demand games are: Captain Scarlet Slot, Gods of the Nile, and Monster Carlo.

The Captain Scarlet Slot game is an exciting 30 line video slot which features Captain Scarlet’s attempt to save the Earth from the Mystereons. The game even offers the Spectrum Interceptor bonus game. Gods of the Nile is a 9 line Vegas style slot machine with an ancient Egyptian theme. The game is very user friendly; any level of pokies player can master this game with ease.

Monster Carlo is another 9 line pokies that wields a progressive jackpot that features characters from the ghosts of the city of Monte Carlo. OpenBet prides itself on technical excellence and the latest gaming innovations. They have also garnered the largest share of the world’s betting activity.

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