Three Reel Pokie Games with Enhanced Jackpots

There are many three reel Pokie machines which you are quite easily going to be able to access online, however many of those you will find whilst only have one single payline in play per spin of their three reels you send into motion will also give you the ability of wagering more than one coin per spin.

pokies on facebookMany of these classical three reel Pokie machines will offer a jackpot when playing for one coin spins or a certain number of coins and when you play two or even three coins on those pokies which allow you to wager that many coins the jackpot is an exact multiple of the single coin jackpot.

However, there are some three reel Pokie machine you can play online that will offer you an enhanced jackpot payout whenever you choose to put into play a maximum coins spin on its single payline and these slots are obviously very playable and should only be played with maximum coins, below we have highlighted several three reel Pokie games which come with enhanced jackpots to max coin players, track them down and give them some play time you will get to like them we are sure!

7 Ocean’s Pokie – The 7 Ocean’s Pokie machine not only gives you an enhanced jackpot payout when you play three coins per spin but a new set of winning combinations appear on its pay table, and as such the jackpot you are playing for massively increase when playing three coins per spin and winning combinations that cannot be spun in on one or two coins spins also become activated on the Pokie games pay table!

Cash Clams Pokie – You will find you can only play the Cash Clams Pokie machine with one or two coins in play per spin but you can adjust the coin values at which you play it for, however make sure that if you do choose to play this very fast playing three reel Microgaming designed pokie machine online you also play it with two coins in play for that will see you playing for a 5000 coin jackpot instead of the 2000 coins jackpot offered to single coin players! You can of course play this slot for a multitude of different stake options as the coin values themselves are all fully adjustable!

Cracker Jack Pokie – One other three reel Pokie machine that we think you are going to enjoy playing due to its very high base game payout percentage and the fact that it offers players an enhanced jackpot payout is Microgaming’s Cracker Jack Pokie game, when playing his game you will have on offer as a one coin per spin player a jackpot which is valued at some 2000 coins which is quite high, however if you choose to play it with two coins in play then that jackpot is massively enhanced in value and you will be playing or a jackpot worth a much larger 5000 coins in total!

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