Wizards castle

Wizards castle Pokies

There are a number of different Pokies games available all over the internet. Finding one that will hold your interest can be a challenge. However, Wizards Castle is a little different.


You have the traditional three rows with five rows across. The object to this Pokies game is to match up the different elements in spell casting that may be done by a wizard.


Instead of the traditional rolling of the rows, the items are flipped quickly almost like flipping cards in a memory game. This gives a new element of mystery to the Pokies game.


Different elements like a mortar and pestle, will help you to create a longer connection or between certain items like, the elements water, fire and air. If these pop up, you get additional points. Or if a cauldron appears, this is another way to connect different items in the game.

See how many connections you can make as the wizard waves his wand and helps you win in this exciting game of Pokies.

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